For many patients with missing teeth, removable dentures offer the most convenient and affordable solution. However, research has shown that most denture-wearers are unhappy with the way their dentures look and feel, and most suffer significantly reduced biting capacity compared to non-denture-wearers. If you are looking for high quality dentures, consider visiting system based dentist Dr. Hal Stewart. He can provide a range of options for replacing missing teeth. He also has special training in designing beautiful, esthetic restorations that are unique to each patient.

Unfortunately, many general dentists focus almost exclusively on function. If the denture fits, the patient must learn to live with it. Dr. Stewart understands that each person’s smile is an integral part of who they are. He takes the time to understand each patient’s needs and to design functional, tailored dentures that compliment the individual’s appearance and lifestyle.

More importantly, he knows that a patient’s chewing system is vital to his or her ability to maintain overall good health. Studies have shown that patients with dentures experience up to a 50 percent reduction in their bite strength and chewing ability. Dr. Stewart works carefully with patients to ensure their treatment provides them the best chance possible for protecting their health, maintaining a diet of healthy foods, and supporting a healthy chewing system.


Dentures Versus Dental Implants

Because dentures only sit on top of the gumline and are not anchored in the patient’s jawbone, the way that natural teeth are, they cannot provide the same amount of chewing ability and bite strength of natural teeth.

Over time, dentures often lose their fit as the wearer’s bone structure changes due to the loss of their natural teeth. However, dental implants address both of these issues. Because they are anchored in the jaw, they provide the same strong support for biting and chewing as natural teeth. And, because they are anchored in the bone, they help preserve the structure of the jaw and prevent bone loss that leads to jaw deterioration.

Dr. Stewart is a nationally regarded implant dentist, seeing patients from across the country. He can provide a range of options for replacing missing teeth, including traditional dental implants and implant overdentures, that may serve as a better and more durable alternative to traditional dentures.