Do you wish you had straight teeth, but hate the idea of wearing unsightly and difficult to clean metal braces? We offer two clear aligner systems depending on the patients’ specific needs: Invisalign and CandidPro.

Dr. Stewart has been a certified Invisalign dentist since 2006 and has helped create beautiful smiles for hundreds of patients. Invisalign braces consist of a set of tailored dental aligners that gradually move teeth into the correct position. Instead of having metal brackets attached to the teeth and then periodically tightened, the patient wears each in a series of aligners for a prescribed period of time. Because they are made of clear plastic, most people don’t even realize the patient is wearing braces. In addition, the aligners can be removed when the person eats or brushes his or her teeth and then put back in, eliminating some of the most difficult aspects of wearing traditional braces.

How Do I Get Invisalign?

Patients who want to get Invisalign invisible braces must see a credentialed Invisalign dentist. Flower Mound dentist Dr. Hal Stewart is an Invisalign dentist in the Dallas metro area.

Once the patient has been evaluated for treatment, the dentist will create impressions of the teeth, as well as take pictures and x-rays to create a 3-D computer generated image of the teeth. The dentist will then map out a course of treatment to progressively move the teeth into alignment. This treatment plan is sent to a lab, which makes the set of customized plastic aligners that are specifically designed for that patient.


The patient will usually change aligners every two weeks or so and check in with the dentist about every four to six weeks to make sure progress is on schedule. As with traditional braces, treatment takes about 12 months. However, because the aligners can be removed while eating and cleaning the teeth, many people find they are not as inconvenienced by wearing them.

If you are thinking about getting Invisalign braces but aren’t sure, consider scheduling a complimentary consultation in our office. Dr. Stewart can meet with you to talk about your individual situation and answer any questions you might have. This visit does not include an exam and would take about 15-20 minutes.