A straighter, brighter smile integrated into your regularly scheduled dentistry? CandidPro is the perfect way to add clear aligners to your regimen and consolidate your care.

Benefits of CandidPro

The doctor you trust, every step of the way

No one knows your individual mouth like your doctor, and no one knows tooth movement like CandidPro. Put them together and you’ve got the ideal clear aligner team.

More doctor oversight, more peace of mind

With CandidMonitoring™, you’ll scan your teeth every 14 days to share progress with your doctor. Not only will they keep track of your progress, but they may catch and correct other oral health issues along the way.

Enhanced patient support right when you need it

You can always contact your doctor if you’ve got a question, but live chat with CandidPro’s US-based, 5-star-rated, 7/365 Support team is just a tap away on CandidApp™.

Outstanding care with limited office visits

With other clear aligners or braces, you’re in and out of your doctor’s office all the time. But with CandidPro, your doctor will call you in only when necessary.