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Optimal Health Overview

We Believe in Full Body Wellness

At the Stewart Center for Optimal Health we promote Whole Health, a holistic philosophy that integrates all the parts and systems within our mind-body-mouth into a functional Whole.  Excellent overall health requires a well-formed mouth (wide arches, aligned jaws, 28-32 teeth present, little to no tooth wear, and a well- developed airway that promotes healthy breathing while sleeping and while awake). A structurally underdeveloped mouth (narrow arches, V shaped palate, high arched palates, crowded teeth, scalloped tongue, worn teeth, and TMJ problems) means health problems. Poor or restricted breathing especially while sleeping results in poor sleep and this greatly compromises overall health.

Our mission is to educate patients and the community about better airways and breathing. Our goal is to provide treatment options for every patient in order to give them the opportunity to obtain Whole Health through better breathing. Our passion is to reach as many people as we can who suffer from impaired mouth – airway syndrome and to give them  hope, inspiration and motivation as they progress through their  life-changing journey. 

Our unique approach to dental health and optimal health concentrates on identifying the root cause and not just treating  symptoms. In addition to daily exercise, good nutrition, and managing stress, recognizing the red flags and early clues known as “symptoms”early on allows timely intervention to stop or slow down any deterioration, mentally, dentally, orally, and systemically and even prevent a health decline towards sleep apnea, heart disease, brain degeneration, accelerated aging, stroke, tooth loss, memory loss and more. Oral-facial signs such as underdeveloped and misaligned jaws, crowded teeth, sunken mid-face, a constricted airway, dark circles under the eyes as well as bodily messages of chronic pain and fatigue, dental sensitivity and snoring can all lower the quality of life. Correcting the source of the disease naturally restores the whole body back to homeostasis as much as possible, potentially preventing later health and financial catastrophes.

Here at The Stewart Center we believe in a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach that utilizes mostly effective non-surgical, non-invasive and non- pharmaceutical methods to achieve overall healthBy collaborating with different professional healthcare providers, we can create a comprehensive therapeutic approach and deliver an individual patient experience. And we are here to guide each and every one of our patients every step of the way.

Optimal Health Services

  • Airway & Jaw Development for Children
  • Airway & Jaw Development for Adults
  • Sleep Studies
  • C-Pap Therapy
  • C-Pap Alternatives
  • Tongue Tie Releases
  • Myofunctional Therapy
  • TMJ/TMD Treatment
  • Sleep Breathing Disorders

Professional Credentials & Memberships