Welcome! We are so glad you have chosen us as your primary dental care and wellness center. We promise you will leave with a very positive experience. When you first arrive, we want to get to know you before even looking in your mouth. Dr. Stewart or Dr. Corredor will sit down with you in the consultation room, get to know your desires, what you expect from us, and answer any questions you might have. After that, we will go back to the operatory and do a complete and thorough exam including but not limited to oral cancer screening, bite exam, TMJ exam, periodontal tissue exam, full sets of x-rays, photographs, models of the teeth, jaw relation records, and a state of the art 3-D Cone Beam scan of your head, neck, TMJ, and airway. Dr. Stewart or Dr. Corredor will then sit with all your records and come up with a written review of findings.

About a week later you will come back and go over everything with Dr. Stewart or Dr. Corredor. They will cover what condition your mouth is in, how it relates to the rest of your body, their specific recommendations for your health, and most importantly address your primary concerns. We are looking forward to getting to know you and how we can best help you.

Office Tour

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Financial Arrangements

We want all of our patients to feel comfortable and understand up-front the costs of their treatment and how it will be covered. Our staff will work with you to plan your treatment in a way that is affordable and manageable for you. This allows the patient to enter treatment worry-free and focused on achieving an optimal outcome. It is our hope that no patient will have to defer the treatment they need and want because of financial concerns.
We accept payment by check, cash, or major credit card.

Dental Insurance

We do not accept dental insurance but we are happy to file claims for you.

Third-Party Financing

If paying for the cost of your treatment at one time will be a burden, we offer payment plans through an independent health care financing company called Care Credit.