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DNA Appliance

When it comes to sleep apnea and TMJ disorder we often see that many of these patients have underdeveloped jaws, a condition that effects most Americans and citizens of developed countries around the world. As little as 200 years ago crooked teeth were rare; today they are the norm. This condition of hypoplastic (underdeveloped) jaws has worsened each generation since the Industrial Revolution.  Much of this has to do with our modern, post-industrial diet which consists of soft, processed, nutrient-depleted foods. You can learn more about that HERE from myofunctional therapists Landis Felts and Kimberly White.

The DNA Appliance (Daytime Nighttime Appliance) is an oral device that naturally and gradually expands the upper and lower jaws – allowing more room for the teeth and the tongue causing the airway to be less constricted.

The DNA appliance is an FDA approved medical device for the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. It is worn like an orthodontic retainer. It can improve smiles and crowded teeth, correct maxilla-mandibular underdevelopment in children and adults, widen nasal passages, and treat the root cause of sleep apnea, teeth grinding, TMJ disorder, and more. While it is not a definitive treatment for all sleep apnea patients, we have found that many patients benefit by the expansion of the jaws in the mitigation of sleep apnea symptoms.

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