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Saliva Testing


Did you know 80% of adults over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease? Of the hundreds of species of bacteria that live in your mouth, there are 5 you don’t want. These 5 high risk pathogens not only wreak havoc in the mouth, but there is now a clear connection to your body too.

Two decades and dozens of scientific studies link these bacteria to a growing list of systemic diseases in what is called the oral systemic, or mouth body connection. These oral pathogens can contribute to up to 50% of heart attacks, high risk pregnancy, dementia and Alzheimers development, and diabetes. These bacteria can be present long before the visible signs of infection or disease.

Find out if your mouth is putting your body at risk. We are proud to offer the HR5 by Direct Diagnostics test in our office. It is a simple, affordable, and highly accurate saliva test that will tell you the exact levels of each of these bacteria in your mouth. And there are many treatment options available to clear and manage the bacteria if present.

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